Jute & Sable was born in the heart of London close to the banks of the River Thames where we walk Bailey, our beloved Italian greyhound. Frustrated in our search to find clothing & accessories for Bailey that matched our attention to detail and style, we created Jute & Sable to offer affordable luxury items for your favourite Italian greyhound.

Designed and inspired by the cultural trends of London, we pride ourselves on offering stylish and unique designs, beautifully made and tailored to your Italian greyhounds. Signature craftsmanship and a commitment to quality underline our belief in making things that inspire you and your dog to look and feel wonderful. Timelessly elegant, our range only uses fabrics and materials that have been personally selected for functionality and aesthetics. Our products are never mass-produced – just hand finished by our experts.

We specialise in understanding Italian greyhounds. As well as being the inspiration behind our brand, Bailey is our chief product tester and model. We only produce clothing and accessories that we know she feels entirely comfortable to wear. And only then are we proud to put our name on it.

We both came from creative backgrounds before founding Jute and Sable. With Bailey as our muse, we focused on designing a distinctive line of clothing and accessories with the attention to detail and fabric selection that ultimately complemented our own style.

Having followed fashion from a young age, Art graduate Andrea has worked amongst the world’s top fashion brands specialising in ready-to-wear, leather goods and fine jewellery. Here she developed her sense of style and refined what she understands to be Jute and Sable’s unique stylish allure.

David’s career had him directing businesses within both the creative and financial sectors. His understanding of international business has given them the tools to source the most exquisite materials for Jute and Sable.

We truly hope you love our designs as much as we do, and be sure to follow Bailey on Instagram for styling inspiration and more about our journey!

David, Andrea and Bailey